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Mentors Needed for Rudder HS AP Research Students

As the AP Capstone Program's prestigious AP Research course enters its second year at Rudder High School,
one vital element of the course is a positive mentor to serve as an expert adviser for each research student.

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Some examples of expert adviser tasks include, but are not limited to:
  • Discipline-specific expert advisers can guide students’ formulation of research questions, interpretation of data, and the academic paper or presentation revision process as well as provide critical, constructive feedback to strengthen students’ voices in the academic conversation.
  • Students work with peers and expert advisers to critique and revise research questions to be focused, open-ended, and capable of sustaining a long-term investigation.
  • The process of communicating with experts in the discipline or field of study to obtain guidance and feedback on one’s research question, study purpose, interpretation of findings, or extended piece of scholarly work.
  • Review and revise the elements of the academic paper with attention paid to the purpose, research question, and research method to ensure clarity and alignment.
Think of an expert adviser as someone to give advice and bounce ideas off of, not someone to provide research questions or actual research (it's actually forbidden). 
Mentors' help will be needed roughly late September through late April, once a month. Contact will be through email.
College Board and the Rudder High School AP Research instructors allow students to choose the topics they are most passionate about. Sometimes these topics can be considered controversial, however, we try not to filter their interests in order to support them educating themselves on their topics. Even if these fields of interest do not match your specific content, please do not let that discourage you from signing up. We need volunteers who are willing to help a unique group of students with their first research project, not experts on particular topics, though that can help.
If you have any questions, please reach out to Scott Skrla at or Joyce Welch at

Complete this form to volunteer to be a mentor!

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