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Advanced Academics » Advanced Placement & PreAP/Honors

Advanced Placement & PreAP/Honors

Pre-AP & Honors Classes

BISD offers accelerated academic programs. These classes are designed to extend and enrich the content of the regular curriculum while preparing students for advanced classes through middle school and high school. These college preparatory classes will provide challenging research opportunities for students with high interest in academic exploration and include out-of-class assignments. Students must be able to balance the time requirements of all their academic classes as well as extra-curricular activities in which they choose to participate. Students who take Pre-AP/Honors/Pre-IB classes, followed by AP, IB, or Dual Credit are more prepared for the rigors of post-secondary education and are more likely to be successful in college. Honors and Pre-AP courses are designed to challenge the academically able student as well as the gifted student.

Advanced Placement Courses

This program enables colleges and secondary campuses to work together to provide students with the opportunity to complete college-level studies during their high school years. Students entering the AP program in Bryan ISD must be prepared for the accelerated and rigorous study of college-level content. The AP program makes examinations for introductory college-level courses available to high school students. It is the expectation that students enrolled in these classes will sit for the AP Exam, thereby gaining the opportunity to earn college credits. 

AP Capstone Program


The AP Capstone program will arrive at Bryan ISD in the fall of 2019 at Rudder High School. Similar to the IB program, AP Capstone offers students the opportunity to earn an AP Capstone diploma. Along the way, high school students can receive college credit and develop critical thinking, research, collaboration, time management, and presentation skills needed for college-level work.

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