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College Prep Courses

Texas Success Initiative

If a student has NOT met the TSIA requirement to enroll in college-level course work, students may choose to enroll in College Preparatory English Language Arts and/or College Preparatory Mathematics.  Students who successfully complete all of the requirements for these courses will qualify for a 2-year TSI exemption at Blinn College. To enroll in these courses students need to talk to their academic advisor.

College Preparatory English 

Grade Placement: 11-12
Semesters: 1-2, Credit : .5-1
Prerequisites: English III or concurrent enrollment
Course Description: Students will learn to investigate academic texts, construct supported interpretations and arguments for an authentic audience, and acquire academic habits of thought. Reading instruction will focus on developing critical reading skills for comprehension, interpretation, and analysis. In writing, students will develop skills through composing with specific purpose, situation, genre, and audience in mind. Students will write a variety of effective formal and informal texts. To learn to integrate reading and writing, students will use an inquiry approach to analyze, synthesize, and make value judgments regarding text and writing. This course is designed to prepare students for college-level reading and writing-intensive courses. Successful completion of this course, as defined by the memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the partnering institution(s), grants the student an exemption to TSI requirements for reading and writing at the partnering institution(s).

College Preparatory Math

Grade Placement: 11-12
Semesters: 1-2, Credit : .5-1
Prerequisites: Algebra II or concurrent enrollment Intermediate Algebra is the study of factoring rules, rational expressions, rational exponents, radicals, complex numbers, inequalities, inequalities containing absolute values, quadratic equations, linear equations, and equations with radicals, rational expressions, exponents, and functions.  Calculator use is not recommended for this course (including the department final examination) as calculators are not allowed in classes when taught on campus.  An average of C or better indicates the student has met the Blinn College criteria for Math 0312, and the student is prepared for Blinn College Math  1314, College Algebra, without further assessment remediation