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Bryan ISD Bond Plan

Voters Approve the Bryan ISD 2020 Bond

Voters approved the Bryan Independent School District’s $175 million bond measure in the November 3, 2020 election.

The school district will begin working immediately to address the areas outlined in the bond, including Safety and Security, New Construction and Additions, Priority Maintenance, Fine Arts Improvements and Land Purchases. All projects are outlined at

Through aggressive payment of debt and a strong financial rating, Bryan ISD is able to raise the $175 million approved without raising the tax rate which will remain at the recently lowered rate of $1.23.

The total number of votes cast was 33,801, with 17,037 “for,” or 50.4% and 16,764 “against,” or 49.6%.

This completes Bryan ISD’s 2 Bonds, 1 Vision plan, with voters now approving $187 million for Bryan ISD in the last two years, all without raising the tax rate.

2020 Bond Fact Sheet
2020 Bond Voting Information
The Bryan ISD Board of Trustees called a $175,000,000 Bond Election at their meeting on August 3, 2020.  An election will take place on Tuesday, November 3.  If approved, the bond will focus on the areas of Safety and Security, New Construction and Additions, Priority Maintenance, Fine Arts Improvements and Land Purchase. 
There will be no tax rate increase if this bond passes.  Bryan ISD has lowered the tax rate by 11 cents over the last four years.
The 2020 Bond proposal is part of an innovative two-phase bond.  Voters approved $12 million during an election in May 2019. This bond did not increase the tax rate and allows Bryan ISD to take care of immediate needs related to safety/security, transportation, Career & Technical Education, roofing and maintenance.  A Bond Oversight Committee is now in place overseeing the progress of this bond construction.
For the 2020 Bond proposal, a steering committee composed of parents, community members, students, teachers, staff, school board members and administrators looked at the district's current needs and analyzed upcoming input from all stakeholder groups including students, parents, staff and the community.  The input collected by the steering committee drove the 2020 Bond recommendation to the district administration and the board of trustees.  
Both the May 2019 Bond and a potential November 2020 Bond will be conducted through a Bond Oversight Committee.  
Both bonds will be conducted with full transparency, with all projects listed here on the Bryan ISD website, including progress updates and notifications of any changes to the original proposal.
2020 Bond Information Materials
Required Statement
As part of House Bill 3 passed by the 86th Texas Legislature in 2019, all ballot language for school bond elections MUST include the statement, "This is a property tax increase." However, the Bryan ISD 2020 Bond will NOT increase the district's current tax rate.
(The current tax rate is $1.2325 and the tax rate with the 2020 Bond would be $1.2325.)