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Employee Awards » 2019-2020 Employee Awards & Recognition

2019-2020 Employee Awards & Recognition

Administrator of the Year
Courtney Piatt, Assistant Principal
Jones Elementary School
Courtney Piatt
Ms. Piatt with her niece, Victoria
Linda Montoya and Courtney Piatt
Linda Montoya, Jones Elementary Principal with Ms. Piatt
Auxiliary Employee of the Year
Tiffany Smith-Owens, Cafeteria Manager
Kemp-Carver Elementary School
Randi Boleman, Tiffany Smith-Owens, Sundy Fryrear
L-R: Randi Boleman, Assistant Director of School Nutrition Services, Mrs. Smith-Owens, Sundy Fryrear, Director of School Nutrition Services
Kemp-Carver Elementary Employees
Mrs. Smith-Owens with her Kemp-Carver Elementary family
Elementary Teacher of the Year
Cindy Byers, 4th Grade Teacher
Bonham Elementary School
Cindy Byers with her husband
Cindy Byers with her husband
Tara Hunter, Cindy Byers, Gloria Garcia-Rhodes
From L-R: Tara Hunter, Bonham Elementary Assistant Principal, Mrs. Byers, Gloria Garcia-Rhodes, Principal
Paraprofessional of the Year
Christy Love, Academic Support Specialist
Navarro Elementary School
Christy Love with Navarro Elementary Administrators
From L-R: Sara Rueda, Navarro Elementary Principal, Ms. Love, Kathy Riley, Assitant Principal, Edward Portis, Counselor
Christy Love with her mom
Christy Love with her mom Beverly Love, a Navarro Elementary Instructional Assistant
Professional Specialist of the Year
LaNette Godfrey, Instructional Coach
Bonham Elementary School
Gloria Garcia-Rhodes, LaNette Godfrey, Dr. Christie Whitbeck
From L-R: Gloria Garcia-Rhodes, Bonham Elementary Principal, Mrs. Godfrey, Dr. Christie Whitbeck, Bryan ISD Superintendent
Misses Godfrey and her family
Mrs. Godfrey and her family
Rookie Teacher of the Year
Kyle Brown, Reading Intervention
SFA Middle School
Rachel Layton, Kyle Brown, Janice Williamson
From L-R: Rachel Layton, SFA Middle School Principal, Mr. Brown, Janice Williamson, Bryan ISD Executive Director of Student Health, Fitness & Athletics
Kyle Brown and his fiancee
Mr. Brown with his fiancee, Haley Burleson, Branch Elementary Counselor 
Secondary Teacher of the Year
Lisa Prejean, English Teacher
Bryan High School
Lisa Prejean and Bryan High Teachers and Administrators
Lisa Prejean with her Bryan High School family


Administrator of the Year
  • Gloria Garcia-Rhodes, Principal, Bonham Elementary School
  • Alfred Scott, Assistant Principal, Bryan High School
  • Diana Alderson, Assistant Principal, Crockett Elementary
  • School
  • Shannon McGehee, Principal, Davila Middle School
  • Linda Taplette, Assistant Principal, Fannin Elementary School
  • Courtney Piatt, Assistant Principal, Jones Elementary School
  • Judy Hughson, Assistant Principal, Kemp-Carver Elementary School
  • Mayanin Smart, Assistant Principal, Long Intermediate School
  • Kimberly Guess, Assistant Principal, Rayburn Intermediate School
  • Kimberly Giesenschlag, Associate Principal, Rudder High School
  • Robert Casey, Assistant Principal, SFA Middle School
Auxiliary Employee of the Year
  • Maria Pineda, Custodian, Bonham Elementary School
  • Debra Malmstrom, Cafeteria Manager, Bowen Elementary School
  • Deborah Olexey, Cafeteria Manager, Branch Elementary School
  • Maricela Martinez, Lead Custodian, Bryan Collegiate High School
  • Jilliene Wagnon, Cafeteria Manager, Bryan High School
  • Darren Sims, Lead Custodian, Crockett Elementary School
  • Ofelia Lopez, Cafeteria Manager, Davila Middle School
  • Charles Thompson, Lead Custodian, Fannin Elementary School
  • Janie Martinez, Cafeteria Manager, Henderson Elementary School
  • Christy Jones, Custodian, Johnson Elementary School
  • Maria Perez, Custodian, Jones Elementary School
  • Tiffany Smith-Owens, Cafeteria Manager, Kemp-Carver Elementary School
  • Julia Fletcher, School Nutrition Employee, Long Intermediate School
  • Juana Valadez, Custodian, MC Harris
  • Sharon Pierce, Head Custodian, Neal Elementary School
  • Trinette Edgerson, Custodian, Rayburn Intermediate School
  • Elizabeth Anderson, Cafeteria Manager, Ross Elementary School
  • John Garza, Monitor, Rudder High School
Elementary Teacher of the Year
  • Cindy Byers, 4th Grade, Bonham Elementary School
  • Teri Clark, Art, Bowen Elementary School
  • Charles Densey, 4th Grade, Branch Elementary School
  • Susan Kremer, 3rd Grade, Crockett Elementary School
  • Irma Vazquez, 1st Grade, Fannin Elementary School
  • Holly Andreski, P.E., Henderson Elementary School
  • Elizabeth Savage, 1st Grade, Houston Elementary School
  • Brandi Anderson, Kindergarten, Johnson Elementary School
  • Shirley Platt, 4th Grade, Jones Elementary School
  • Laurie Carona, 2nd Grade, Kemp-Carver Elementary School
  • Nicole Rose, Special Education, Long Intermediate School
  • Faith Wright, Kindergarten, Mitchell Elementary School
  • Judy Hausman, 3rd Grade, Navarro Elementary School
  • Mandi Weathers, 4th Grade, Neal Elementary School
  • Amanda Valdiviez, P.E., Rayburn Intermediate School
Paraprofessional of the Year
  • Claire Hammack, Library Assistant, Bonham Elementary School
  • Justin Smith, P.E. Instructional Aide, Bowen Elementary School
  • Penny Burns, Secretary, Branch Elementary School
  • Lucie Villarreal, Attendance Clerk/Registrar, Bryan Collegiate High School
  • Robin Gonzalez, Front Office Secretary, Bryan High School
  • Areli Mejorado, Instructional Assistant, Crockett Elementary School
  • Heath Fleming, Library Assistant, Davila Middle School
  • Kat Thompson, Behavior Intervention, Fannin Elementary School
  • Belinda Ramsdell, P.E. Instructional Assistant, Henderson Elementary School
  • Sheila Whisenant, SAIL, Houston Elementary School
  • Shanna Filburn, Registrar, Johnson Elementary School
  • Wendy Morgan, Resource Assistant, Jones Elementary School
  • Marcus Turner, Jr., Behavior Specialist, Kemp-Carver Elementary School
  • Mary Gonzales, Special Education Instructional Aide, Long Intermediate School
  • Karla Stevens, Secretary/Registrar, DAEP
  • Christy Love, Academic Support Specialist, Navarro Elementary School
  • Amanda Urrutia, Library Assistant, Neal Elementary School
  • Nikita Robertson, Principal's Secretary, Rayburn Intermediate School
  • Sandra Bass, FLEX Assistant, Ross Elementary School
  • Sheena Moore, AESOP Coordinator/AP Secretary, Rudder High School
  • Karen Williams, Receptionist/Attendance Clerk, SFA Middle School
  • Judith Cook, Sign Language Interpreter, Deaf Education
Professional Specialist of the Year
  • LaNette Godfrey, Instructional Coach, Bonham Elementary School
  • Brenda Dold, Counselor, Bowen Elementary School
  • Laura Gallaway, Instructional Coach, Branch Elementary School
  • Sheila Homeyer, Academic Advisor/Counselor, Bryan Collegiate High School
  • Lindsay Kostelnik, Instructional Coach, Bryan High School
  • Amy Spanhel, Instructional Coach, Crockett Elementary School
  • Tashia Terry, Instructional Coach, Davila Middle School
  • Amy Van Etten, Instructional Coach, Fannin Elementary School
  • Meredith Armagost, Nurse, Henderson Elementary School
  • Jennifer Kelly-Cherry, Counselor, Johnson Elementary School
  • Carly Delino, Counselor, Jones Elementary School
  • Catie Bushman, Counselor, Kemp-Carver Elementary School
  • Amanda Rosser, ARD Facilitator, Long Intermediate School
  • Kayla Lindsey, Academic Advisor, MC Harris
  • Jennifer Jones, Instructional Coach, Navarro Elementary School
  • Sarah D'Olivera, Counselor, Neal Elementary School
  • Courtney Freeman, ARD Facilitator, Rayburn Intermediate School
  • Melissa Martinez, Counselor, Ross Elementary School
  • Mary Desern, Campus Testing Coordinator, Rudder High School
  • Stephanie Treadwell, Instructional Coach, SFA Middle School
Rookie Teacher of the Year
  • Rebecca Loera, 1st Grade, Bonham Elementary School
  • Becca Glenn, Kindergarten, Bowen Elementary School
  • Ashley Burton, PreK, Branch Elementary School
  • Kaitlin Labus, Geometry, Bryan Collegiate High School
  • Claudia Gomez, New Arrival Center English, Bryan High School
  • Jessica Holloway, 3rd Grade, Crockett Elementary School
  • Jeremy Wilson, Automotive Technology, Bryan Career & Technical Education Center
  • Taylor Rives, Special Education Resource, Fannin Elementary School
  • Anna Villarreal, 3rd Grade, Henderson Elementary School
  • Halley Meadors, 2nd Grade, Houston Elementary School
  • Amber Mosqueda, 4th Grade, Johnson Elementary School
  • Graciela Vergara, 2nd Grade, Jones Elementary School
  • Jessica Henke, Kindergarten, Kemp-Carver Elementary School
  • Lauren Valentino, FLEX, Long Intermediate School
  • Alyssa Cox, PreK, Mitchell Elementary School
  • Charlette Castile, PreK, Neal Elementary School
  • Melissa Myles, 6th Grade English, Rayburn Intermediate School
  • Tranice Washington, PreK, Ross Elementary School
  • Kylie Zweifel, English, Rudder High School
  • Kyle Brown, 8th Grade Reading Intervention, SFA Middle School
Secondary Teacher of the Year
  • Aubany Moon, Biology, Bryan Collegiate High School
  • Lisa Prejean, English, Bryan High School
  • Gaby Hernandez, Math, Davila Middle School
  • Elizabeth Cole, Science, DAEP
  • Laura Jo Clanton, English, Rudder High School
  • Esmari Yezak, Science, SFA Middle School
Congratulations Bryan ISD Retirees!

Meredith Armagost Henderson Elementary School 25 Years in Bryan ISD 25 Years in Education
Lisa Bevans Bonham Elementary School 20 Years in Bryan ISD 34 Years in Education
Gloria Carpio Davila Middle School 17 Years in Bryan ISD 17 Years in Education
Alton Colvin, Jr. Rudder High School 4 Years in Bryan ISD 28 Years in Education
Pamela Chronister Bryan ISD Administration 6 Years in Bryan ISD 32 Years in Education
Brenda Dold Bowen Elementary School 6 Years in Bryan ISD 36 Years in Education
Lana Einhaus Bonham Elementary School 11 Years in Bryan ISD 38 Years in Education
Barbara Gentry Curriculum & Instruction Dept. 6 Years in Bryan ISD 25 Years in Education
Steven Gentry SFA Middle School 6 Years in Bryan ISD 22 Years in Education
Dorotea Gonzales Neal Elementary School 29 Years in Bryan ISD 29 Years in Education
David Hanus Grounds Department 28 Years in Bryan ISD 28 Years in Education
Patricia Harris Technology Service Center 11 Years in Bryan ISD 20 Years in Education
Judy Hughson Kemp-Carver Elementary School 53 Years in Bryan ISD 55 Years in Education
Shari Jarratt Transportation Department 5 Years in Bryan ISD 25 Years in Education
Mariann Krauter Davila Middle School 30 Years in Bryan ISD 30 Years in Education
Aura Lara-Paz Special Education Department 20 Years in Bryan ISD 20 Years in Education
Mary Manriquez Mary Catherine Harris School 25 Years in Bryan ISD 25 Years in Education
Christy Martinez Kemp-Carver Elementary School 3 Years in Bryan ISD 14 Years in Education
Mary Martinez Bowen Elementary School 20 Years in Bryan ISD 10 Years in Education
Jennifer Morton Houston Elementary School 35 Years in Bryan ISD 35 Years in Education
Jerry Norris Technology Service Center 27 Years in Bryan ISD 27 Years in Education
Rebecca Orozco Curriculum & Instruction Dept. 22 Years in Bryan ISD 22 Years in Education
Michele Ray Branch Elementary School 7 Years in Bryan ISD 32 Years in Education
Mary Rizzo Child Nutrition Department 32 Years in Bryan ISD 32 Years in Education
Agness Samuels Transportation Department 16 Years in Bryan ISD 22 Years in Education
Frances Walton Kemp-Carver Elementary School 14 Years in Bryan ISD 14 Years in Education
Elvis Williams Bryan High School 22 Years in Bryan ISD 22 Years in Education
Andra Woodard SFA Middle School 2 Years in Bryan ISD 10 Years in Education
Dorothy Yeppez Bryan ISD Administration 22 Years in Bryan ISD 22 Years in Education
Thank You for Your Years of Service to Bryan ISD!
35 Years 
Ernest Densey Jones Elementary School
Ruby Haliburton Transportation Department
Jennifer Morton Houston Elementary School
30 Years 
Kathy Beckworth Branch Elementary School
Ginger Cherbonnier Neal Elementary School
Marianna Krauter Davila Middle School
Koby Martin Bryan High School
Melissa Martin Bryan ISD Administration
Allas Ramirez Neal Elementary School
Geneva Salvaggio Custodial Services
Patricia Solomon Bonham Elementary School
25 Years
Meredith Armagost Henderson Elementary School
Kristen Beesaw Bryan ISD Administration
Jody Benedict School Nutrition Department
Carla Carey Bryan High School
Natalia Carlos Transportation Department
Carol Cune Byran ISD Administration
Jennifer Lemons Bryan ISD Administration
Barbara Mitchell Henderson Elementary School
Aubrey Rives Ross Elementary School
Rana Turner Rudder High School
Geneva Watkins Bryan ISD Administration
Alma Ybarra Johnson Elementary School
Michael Zito Bryan High School
20 Years
Shannon Adams Rudder High School
Lisa Bevans Bonham Elementary School
Christi Byerly Branch Elementary School
Teri Clark Bowen Elementary School
Robin Colicchio Rudder High School
Zacarias Cortez Grounds Department
Beverly Davis Bryan Collegiate High School
Macrina De Calderon Bryan High School
Cecelia Dominguez Bryan Collegiate High School
Verna Godfrey Bryan ISD Administration
Michelle Golden-Harris Rudder High School
Kristi Hancock Johnson Elementary School
Stacy Holick Crockett Elementary School
Cassandra Kilgore Bryan High School
Aura Lara-Paz Jones Elementary School
Rachel Layton SFA Middle School
Karina McNeely Bryan ISD Administration
Kimberly Mooring Transportation Department
Marivel Palos Bryan ISD Administration
Rae Pennington Bryan High School
Maricela Ramirez Jones Elementary School
Adela Rico Branch Elementary School
Eluteria Rodriguez Davila Middle School
Robert Rueda Maintenance Department
Laura Stephenson SFA Middle School
Jessie Walker Navarro Elementary School
Larry White Rudder High School
Gwendolyn Williams Transportation Department
David Wilson Bryan High School
15 Years
Andrea Arenas Jones Elementary School
Eva Benavides Ross Elementary School
Sheila Bennett Branch Elementary School
Robert Campbell Bryan ISD Administration
Juanita Collins Neal Elementary School
Jason Cordes Rudder High School
Lindsay Cravatt Technology Service Center
Justin Estes Bryan High School
Rosy Estrada Johnson Elementary School
Lynette Gaines Navarro Elementary School
Antonio Garcia Aguinaga Neal Elementary School
Micaela Gonzalez Long Intermediate School
Betty Goodman Bowen Elementary School
Cornelia Hall Transportation Department
Susan Hammond Bryan ISD Administration
Lesa Hees Houston Elementary School
Soila Hernandez Bryan ISD Administration Building
Laura Hlavinka Bryan ISD Administration Building
Estela Izaguirre Rudder High School
Ethel Johnson SFA Middle School
Lois Kolo Mitchell Elementary School
Alberto Lugo Long Intermediate School
Carla Lukach Mary Catherine Harris School
LeeAnne Martinez Crockett Elementary School
Kathleen Menchaca Jones Elementary School
Jill Morris Bryan ISD Administration
Sherry Mullins Branch Elementary School
Jose Orozco Neal Elementary School
Pamela Perrone Long Intermediate School
Maria Ramirez Fannin Elementary School
Belinda Ramsdell Henderson Elementary School
Heather Reid Bryan ISD Administration
Tommy Roberts Bryan Collegiate High School
Ulonda Rogers Bryan High School
Joanna Salazar Davila Middle School
Edward Salazar Jones Elementary School
Patricia Sanchez Fannin Elementary School
Alfred Scott Bryan High School
Caroline Simpson Davila Middle School
Madlyn Smith Neal Elementary School
Rebecca Smith Central Distribution
Elmer Smith Bryan ISD Administration
Linda Taplette Fannin Elementary School
Mark Torres Rudder High School
Josefina Valenzuela SFA Middle School
Dusty Whitfield Rayburn Intermediate School
10 Years
Maricella Aguilar Henderson Elementary School
Holly Andreski Henderson Elementary School
Paula Arellano Rudder High School
Brandon Barrett Branch Elementary School
Adriana Bernal Long Intermediate School
Jose Bonilla Reyes Crockett Elementary School
Michele Boriskie Davila Middle School
Lyndi Campbell Bonham Elementary School
Vincent Carreon Long Intermediate School
Tracy Coleman-Hilton Bryan ISD Administration
Patricia Diaz Transportation Department
Alesia Dominguez-Barajas Bonham Elementary School
Michele Early Long Intermediate School
John Fazzino Bryan High School
Ashoka Fernando Long Intermediate School
Rebecca Fielding Davila Middle School
Mandy Gallego Bryan ISD Administration
Margarita Gallegos Bryan High School
Tashia Gibbs Brooks Transportation Department
Michael Gibson Bryan High School
Sharon Greensage SFA Middle School
Jennifer Guajardo Mitchell Elementary School
Charlotte Haynes Bonham Elementary School
Carolyn Kemp SFA Middle School
Jennifer Kirksey Rayburn Intermediate School
Jeanette Lopez Bonham Elementary School
Celina Loya SFA Middle School
Linda Luna Davila Middle School
Mindi Maly Bryan Collegiate High School
Tilmila Martin Clayton Rudder High School
Guillermo Martinez Rudder High School
Eva Martinez Rayburn Intermediate School
Carina Meza Bryan Collegiate High School
Wendy Morgan Jones Elementary School
Amanda Nevels Bonham Elementary School
Sharon Neveu Mary Catherine Harris School
Lori Novosad Rudder High School
Sasha Parker Bryan High School
Fanette Parks Johnson Elementary School
Roxanne Phillips Bryan ISD Administration
Clinton Rahn Long Intermediate School
Herlinda Ramirez SFA Middle School
Susan Randolph Bowen Elementary School
Rosy Roque Special Education Department
Rosalinda Rubio Transportation Department
Paul Ruiz Bryan High School
Gisella Sericano Davila Middle School
Pamela Simpson Transportation Department
Vanessa Smith Bryan ISD Administration
Amy Spanhel Bryan ISD Administration
Kara Sullivan SFA Middle School
Alicia Umanzor Bryan ISD Administration
Ada Williams Kemp-Carver Elementary School
Jacklynn Wilson Rudder High School
Laurie Wimberly Special Education Department
Felicia Woods Bryan High School
5 Years
Katie Adkinson Mitchell Elementary School
Regina Alvarez Kemp-Carver Elementary School
Sandra Anaya Fuentes Crockett Elementary School
Lauren Anderson Johnson Elementary School
Ashley Arevalo Crockett Elementary School
Carrie Arnold Rudder High School
Wanda Baker Bryan ISD Administration
Christy Barbu Henderson Elementary School
Tanishia Berringer Transportation Department
Maria Besa Bryan High School
Brynn Biggs Special Education Department
Jamie Bird Special Education Department
Deborah Breitling Branch Elementary School
Pamela Brown Jones Elementary School
Casey Cain Ross Elementary School
Maria Calderon Mary Catherine Harris School
Brian Chastain Technology Services Center
Maria Chavez Mitchell Elementary School
Cindy Chisum SFA Middle School
Diana Clipp Crockett Elementary School
April Coleman Rayburn Intermediate School
Rose Compian Maintenance Department
Tammy Cooper SFA Middle School
Rebecca Cornejo Transportation Department
Ana Cortes Davila Middle School
Hermalinda Culverhouse Kemp-Carver Elementary School
Demetrius Darnell Bryan ISD Administration
Laura De La Rosa Johnson Elementary School
Alisa Dixon Transportation Department
Jennifer Dockery Branch Elementary School
Kallie Donley Rudder High School
Stewart Donley Rudder High School
Alejandra Dorbecker Long Intermediate School
Cynthia Dupont Rayburn Intermediate School
Tara Dupper Project Hope
Eric Edwards Bryan High School
Amanda Ekeland Bryan ISD Administration
Ollie Elarms Henderson Elementary School
Patricia Endsley Bowen Elementary School
Evelyn Ferman De Villatoro DAEP
Trenda Ford Bryan High School
Tamica Gaines Rudder High School
Kathleen Garant Jones Elementary School
John Garza Rudder High School
Azalia Garza Crockett Elementary School
Rachel Gibson Mitchell Elementary School
Cynthia Gonzales Neal Elementary School
Anna Gonzalez Bryan ISD Administration
Veronica Guerrero Copy Center
Sandra Guzman Rudder High School
Tashauna Hammond Fannin Elementary School
Larry Hejl Maintenance Department
Catalina Hernandez Bryan High School
Karla Hernandez SFA Middle School
Gaby Hernandez Davila Middle School
Ashley Hinojosa Navarro Elementary School
Christine Hodges DAEP
Bianca Hooker Henderson Elementary School
Blake Hurta Davila Middle School
Sergio Ibarra Special Education Department
James Irick Long Intermediate School
Susan Isles Henderson Elementary School
Karen Jackson Rudder High School
Latieka Jackson Transportation Department
Angela Jackson Bryan ISD Administration
Sarah Jewell Houston Elementary School
Carol Jordan Bryan High School
Jo Kalns Bryan ISD Administration
Rosemarie Kana SFA Middle School
Kyle Kasper Rudder High School
Heather Kasper Rudder High School
Jennifer Kelly-Cherry Bryan ISD Administration
Whitney King Bowen Elementary School
Jennifer Kitkoski Bryan Collegiate High School
Rita Kristynik Branch Elementary School
Cecilia Laffoon-Hinojosa Long Intermediate School
Melanie Lamarche Bowen Elementary School
Laura Landry Special Education Department
Benjamin Landry Special Education Department
Yuriria Lara Davila Middle School
Carmon Latterman Houston Elementary School
Marisa Lopez Neal Elementary School
Hillary Love Bryan High School
Beverly Love Navarro Elementary School
Renee Lyons Bonham Elementary School
Taylor Lys Davila Middle School
Amy Marak Henderson Elementary School
Nicole Marion Neal Elementary School
Lillian Martin Transportation Department
Jenny Martin Ponzio Bonham Elementary School
Alvon Mason Maintenance
Veronica McCulloch SFA Middle School
Candice McInnis Bryan ISD Administration
James Meismer SFA Middle School
Bisente Mendez Rudder High School
Jennifer Moore SFA Middle School
Shannon Moore Houston Elementary School
Lisa Mouton Bryan ISD Administration
Phyllis Neff Ross Elementary School
Jeremy Nelson SFA Middle School
Lashala Nicks Bowen Elementary School
Connie Odle Crockett Elementary School
Brandon O'Neal Davila Middle School
Patricia Ortega Bryan ISD Administration
Jordann Palasota Rayburn Intermediate School
Maria Perez Branch Elementary School
Gilbert Perez Maintenance Department
April Pinales Long Intermediate School
Marisol Pina-Mandujano Bonham Elementary School
Ashley Pittman Long Intermediate School
Sanjuana Polom Kemp-Carver Elementary School
Sergio Ramirez Puente Kemp-Carver Elementary School
Atosha Rampy Long Intermediate School
Maria Reyes Davila Middle School
Lileana Rios Bryan ISD Administration
Martin Rivera Sanchez Maintenance Department
Jan Rueschhoff Bryan Collegiate High School
Clarisa Ruiz Crockett Elementary School
Jere Savage Rayburn Intermediate School
Judy Schulz Transportation Department
Sandy Siratt Bryan ISD Administration
Brian Smith Rudder High School
Ronald Southern Bryan High School
Jesse Stanfield Bowen Elementary School
Sharon Stevenson Bonham Elementary School
Sherriel Stidom Davila Middle School
Elizabeth Sunderman Neal Elementary School
Nicole Surley Bryan High School
Sarah Talbert Branch Elementary School
Brooke Thompson Kemp-Carver Elementary School
Joshua Trevino Davila Middle School
Christina Trevino Henderson Elementary School
Amanda Urrutia Neal Elementary School
Jacqueline Vasquez Bryan High Scool
Laura Vestal Bonham Elementary School
Lisa Vickers Mitchell Elementary School
Juan Villatoro Rudder High School
Jameshia Wade Branch Elementary School
Crystal Wall Davila Middle School
Heather Wallace Davila Middle School
Katie Watson Bryan High School
Mandi Weathers Neal Elementary School
Darchelle Welch Bryan High School
Abigail Welkener Jones Elementary School
Taylor Wells Rayburn Intermediate School
George West Rudder High School
Kayla Williams Kemp-Carver Elementary School
Amanda Williams Bryan ISD Administration
Thank you to all awardees & honorees for your service to Bryan ISD & its students!
Children First. Always.