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Facilitated IEPs

Facilitation is a voluntary process that is designed to make communication and problem solving easier. A Facilitated Individualized Education Program (FIEP) meeting is when a facilitator assists the IEP team in crafting consensus agreements that lead to individualized educational programs with beneficial outcomes for students with disabilities. A facilitator helps keep members of the IEP team focused on the development of the IEP while addressing conflicts and disagreements that may arise during the meeting.

Communication skills are used to create an environment in which the IEP team members can listen to each member’s point of view and work together to complete the development of a high quality IEP. A FIEP is an option for early conflict prevention available to parents of children with disabilities and to Local Education Agencies (Independent School Districts and Charter Schools).

Texas Education Agency (TEA) is collecting data to determine ways to better support special education directors and LEAs in the implementation of FIEP meetings.
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Survey Monkey FIEP 2012-13: