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Advanced Academics » Gifted & Talented General Information

Gifted & Talented General Information

Bryan ISD’s Advanced Academic Programs are:

  • Accessible – Advanced Academic programs are available to all student populations in the district through consistent implementation of nomination, screening, and identification procedures that equitably represent all demographics.
  • Innovative – The programs are designed on an understanding that regular curriculum will not fully meet the unique needs of advanced and gifted students. So a differentiated curriculum exists to meet those needs. Programs use research-based, best practices from the field of gifted education to meet the needs of gifted students.
  • Diverse – Provides an array of appropriately challenging learning experiences that emphasize content from all academic areas. Offers a variety of learning experiences that lead to the development of advanced-level products and performances. Allows opportunities throughout the school day for gifted students to work in both like-minded and varied groups, as well as independently.
  • Responsive – Meets the social and emotional needs of the gifted learner and ensures teachers of gifted students acquire the appropriate professional development needed to meet the needs of their students. The district also conducts an ongoing program evaluation at campus and district levels.

Overview of Services

Bryan ISD offers a flexible system of viable service options that offers families a research-based learning continuum that is
developed and consistently implemented throughout the district to meet the needs and reinforce the strengths and interests of gifted/talented students.

I. - Elementary Programs
  • K-4 GT Cluster Classrooms
  • K-4 GT Pull-Out Program
  • Explore Gifted & Talented Academy at Ross Elementary
II. - Intermediate and Middle School Programs
  • Pre-AP & Honors
  • Inquire Academy for Global Leadership
  • Odyssey Science, Technology, Engineering & Math Academy
III - High School Programs


Gifted & Talented Identification

A child or youth who performs at or shows the potential for performing at a remarkably high level of accomplishment when compared to others of the same age, experience or environment and who:

  • Exhibits high performance capability in an intellectual, creative, or artistic area;
  • Possesses an unusual capacity for leadership; or
  • Excels in a specific academic field.


Each year, the referral window opens on the first day of school and remains open until the end of September. During the fall open nomination window parents, teachers, students or any adult familiar with a particular student's abilities in the classroom may refer the student for testing if they believe the student exhibits characteristics indicating giftedness. 
A second referral window is open during the month of January for students who enroll in Bryan ISD after September 30th or for any non-enrolled students who reside in the attendance boundaries but attend private schools or in-home schooling. 
All referrals may be submitted by turning in the referral form to the child's campus.  The form is available at campuses or on the Advanced Academic website. 
Fall Referral Quick Tips
  • Students may be referred for assessment if they are in grades 1-11 and are enrolled at a BISD campus.
  • The fall referral window is open every year during the entire month of September. 
  • Communication of the referral window occurs via campus and district websites, campus newsletters, or messages sent by the district. 
  • Referrals are submitted by turning in the form to the campus by parent/guardians, teachers, and other professional personnel or adults. 
  • Consent to be tested must be provided by the parent when anyone other than a parent makes the nomination. 
  • Students will only be evaluated for GT services once per the calendar year. 
Spring Referral Quick Tips
  • To be eligible for the spring referral window, a student must: 
    • Have enrolled in BISD as a K-11 student after September 30th.
    • Be a private/home-schooled student who lives in the BISD attendance zone during the referral window and plans to enroll in BISD for the following year. 
    • Be eligible to enter the first grade (six years old by September 1).
  • Communication of the spring referral window is provided through the district website.
  • Parents of home school and private school students will be required to submit proof of residency documents during the referral process. 
  • Teachers and counselors do not refer during this window unless the student enrolled after September 30th. 
  • Students cannot be referred/evaluated if the student was previously evaluated for GT services during the previous fall semester. Students may only be referred/evaluated once per year. 
Campuses test students over a two-week testing window, which typically occurs in the month of October or as determined by the District assessment calendar. Students test during school hours according to their specific campus-testing calendar.
Following the referral process, student data will be collected and examined by the Campus Selection Committee. In grades K-11, qualitative and quantitative data are collected from three(3) or more sources and used to determine if the data indicates a need for Gifted and Talented services in BISD. 

For detailed information on all Advanced Academics services offered K - 12 please see the Advanced Academics Handbook.