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Dr. Leslie Holtkamp » Time Equivalency Day FAQ's

Time Equivalency Day FAQ's

Bryan ISD Professional Development TIME EQUIVALENCY DAYS FAQs 

1. Why does the district implement Time Equivalency Days? Research shows that staff development is most effective when its goals and methods match the goals and methods teachers are expected to use with their students. In that sense, we know that “one size does not fit all”. Time Equivalency Days give teachers, principals, and campus committees the opportunity to select training that is relevant, targeted, and aligned to their professional goals and teaching assignments. 

2. Who qualifies to earn time equivalency days? Professionals and para-professionals who are NOT on 226 calendar days qualifies to earn time equivalency days. Duty calendars can be found at the Employee Access Center (need employee # for access). 

3. When can a professional or para-professional earn the time equivalency days? Time equivalency days can only be earned outside of the duty calendar. Professionals and para-professionals can begin to earn time equivalency days on June 6, 2015 for the 2015-2016 school year. Para-professional must be logged into time clock to receive credit for hours earned for attending professional development.  Para-professionals must have 24 hours on time clock to be eligible for all three time equivalency days.

4. Does this model require more professional development hours? No, teachers, counselors, and other professional employees are still required to complete a set number of professional development hours each year in order to meet the requirements of their appraisal system. The three full days of time equivalency can count as part of those hours. (Note: Teachers who have 5-year renewable certificates can also use these hours toward the 150 hours they will need to renew their certificates.) 

5. Can time equivalency days be obtained in increments? Yes, time equivalency days have to be documented and obtained by the designated dates on the district’s Time Equivalency Approval form. All Time equivalency days must be approved by your principal and recorded in Eduphoria. 

 6. Can I earn time equivalency for a day, come to work on that day to earn the next time equivalency day? No, you cannot earn a time equivalency day, come to work on that day to earn the next time equivalency day. 

7. What happens if I do not get any or all of the designated time equivalency hours within the time period specified on the district’s Time Equivalency Approval form? You will be required to attend district-based staff development on the designated professional development days, which are November 23 & 24, 2015 and February 15, 2016. 

 8. Will I be able to use a personal day or sick day to replace a time equivalency day? You will be allowed to take a sick day; however, a doctor’s note must be submitted for the absence. Sick days will not count toward the annual required hours of professional development for a teacher’s evaluation. Personal days are not allowed to be used for time equivalency days. 

 9. How will I know that the staff development that I am taking will qualify for a time equivalency day? For teachers: Your PDAS End of Year Reflection may be used as you and your principal determine the professional development that is targeted to your needs for the school year. For non-teaching staff: You will submit a Time Equivalency Approval Form to your supervisor prior to attending a workshop. This should be done prior to your going off contract. You must have your Principal's written approval prior to going to training that you wish to count for time equivalency. This approval must be obtained using the district’s time equivalency approval form. Time Equivalency training must be aligned to your instructional assignment and the training must be presented by a trainer who is listed on the SBEC Approved Provider List. NOTE: All trainers conducting BISD workshops are on the SBEC Approved Provider List. If you are unsure if it will count, contact the BISD Professional Development office. 

 10. What if I am being compensated for the training that I want to use for a time equivalency day? If you are being compensated for training, it will not be counted for a time equivalency day. 

 11. Can I attend a session outside of BISD and it count towards my time equivalency days? Yes, you can attend a session outside of BISD, for example at Region VI and it count toward your time equivalency days. You will need to turn in a copy of your certificate of attendance to your principal to seek approval. You will need to enter the course into your portfolio in Eduphoria and then your principal will need to go in and approve the course for you to receive time equivalent credit. The same is true for any conference. Sessions must be approved by the principal to count for time equivalency prior to your attendance to make sure it will count before you pay the registration fee. Not all outside sessions will be approved. 

 12. Does graduate school count towards my time equivalency days? No, graduate school does not qualify for time equivalency days. 

 13. Can time equivalency days be earned on the Fridays during the summer that BISD is closed? Yes, time equivalency days can be earned on Fridays during the summer that BISD is closed. 

 14. What is the length of a day of training or a half day of training? A full day of training equals six to eight hours. A half day of training equals three to four hours. Two half days of training will equal one full day of training for time equivalency. 

 15. Can I use the time I earn at staff development to leave early or take off any other day throughout the year beyond the three designated Time Equivalency Days? No, the district only honors three time equivalency days that are designated on the district calendar. If you attend more sessions that the ones needed for the time equivalency days, that does not count for any further release time. Those hours can certainly be used for CPE hours needed for certification renewal and/or PDAS requirements.

16.  Can my children attend staff development?  No, supervision is not provided during staff development.

17.  What should I wear when I attend staff development?  It is important that BISD employees are dressed professionally.  Dressing professionally means no shorts, halters or tank tops.

18.  Will online training be applied to TE days?  Yes, provided that on-line training is provided by the region service centers or Bryan ISD and you have approval from your principal.   Required Human Resource online trainings do not apply.

19. What day do I need to have completed the three day requirement by?  Professionals must complete all three days by August 19, 2015.