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Transportation & Start/Dismissal Time Improvements » Transportation/School Hours Improvements Starting January 8, 2018

Transportation/School Hours Improvements Starting January 8, 2018

A new era of Transportation services begins in Bryan ISD at the start of the 2018 Spring semester. On Jan. 8, students who ride Bryan ISD buses will enjoy the benefits of a new, rethought transportation system that eliminates transfer hubs and buses kids from home to school and school to home. 

The home->school and school->home model isn’t new, but for many years the District relied on transfer hubs as a midpoint in the journey to accommodate our transfer programs. These high-quality programs offer exceptional learning opportunities to students across our 453-square-mile District, and we are committed to making those programs available to students far and wide, whether they’re zoned to the campus that hosts the program or not.

For many years the District focused on hubs as the solution to route thousands of students to nearly two-dozen campuses and 12+ transfer programs. But based on recommendations from a leading transportation consultant, the District has completely re-routed all bus riders, eliminated transfer hubs, designed a system that keeps similarly-aged children on buses together and returns to a more traditional model of directly busing to and from home and school.

The change requires adjusting instructional schedules on campuses and adjusting school start/end times for students. Based on the overwhelming preference of parent representatives from across Bryan ISD, teachers, board members and District leaders, the decision was made to begin the new semester Jan. 8 with revised start/end times.

Children First. Always.