Dual Credit

Students in Bryan ISD may simultaneously obtain college credit and high school credit through an agreement between Blinn College and Bryan ISD. Blinn faculty teaches courses on high school campuses. In order to be enrolled in a dual credit course, students must have a 3.0 GPA, pass the Texas Higher Education Assessment test (or other qualifying tests), and pay the required tuition to Blinn College before the course begins. The agreement between Blinn College and Bryan ISD includes the following points:      

  • Students must meet all of Bryan ISD’s attendance and academic requirements.

  • Bryan ISD students must have passed the TSIA test (or be exempt).

  • Students must have an official transcript on file with the Blinn College Admissions Office.

  • Students must meet all co-enrollment requirements of Bryan ISD and file a co-enrollment approval form with the college prior to enrolling in a dual credit course.   

  • The student’s course credit and grade will be held in escrow until the student graduates from high school and presents Blinn College with an official transcript verifying graduation.

  • The grade earned by the student will be defined by the grading policies of Bryan ISD and Blinn College.            

Blinn Memorandum of Agreement