Professional Development

The Bryan ISD Professional Development Department will provide ongoing and systematically focused learning opportunities to all staff in order to empower them to acquire and develop the knowledge, skills, and instructional methods to ensure that all students perform at high levels.

Our Professional Development framework in aligned with the standards of the National Staff Development Council (Learning Forward) and consists of four main dimensions:

  • Professional Learning Communities

  • Leadership

  • Data

  • Resources

Professional Learning Communities (PLCs):

     We are committed to using the PLC model to increase educator effectiveness, resulting in a staff that is committed to continuous improvement and collective responsibility for all Bryan ISD students. The PLCs will foster collaboration between learners and provide opportunities for them to deepen their content knowledge as they share their experiences with fellow educators. 


     We are committed to continually develop our leaders with the ultimate goal of equipping them to be capacity builders within their teams. Our leaders are committed to holding staff accountable for the effective implementation of the professional development opportunities in which they participate and for creating safe and supportive learning environments that encourage risk-taking. 


     We are committed to using a variety of data sources in order to plan, facilitate, and evaluate the professional learning opportunities we provide for staff. Student data will continually drive our decisions regarding the types of professional development we offer, as well as guide its implementation for the greatest impact on student learning. 


     We are committed to prioritizing, coordinating, and monitoring the resources necessary for educators to create learning environments, which are positive and student-centered. The intention of all resources is to provide learning strategies appropriate to the intended goal  

For more information, contact:

Kristina Brunson